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QUIT smoking. Your life is worth 33 minutes of your time!!!

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Paint your life the way YOU want it to be and then

practice YOUR own PAINTING..

Every 42 Seconds Someone Attempts Suicide
      Every 17 Minutes Someone Dies By Suicide

       – From the National Center for Suicide Statistics, 1997

Contact for HELP with suicide Prevention.

Or call 1-800-Suicide


 White Teeth Today!

Who wants to harm the BUTTERFLIES anyway??



One of Moffit Cancer Center's GREAT life saving Doctors,

Results of smoking

Stop Smoking Shots

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With YOUR HELP maybe this website will spread FASTER then the cancer that smoking CAUSES.. thus HELPING me HELP MORE PEOPLE to STOP smoking. THANKS

SHARE your smoking related MISERIES with others.

Have a great SMOKEFREE visit to our website and you CAN succeed in becoming an EX-smoker... 

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Stop Smoking..

Don't miss out on a chance of a LIFETIME to be TOTALLY SMOKE FREE.

You'd be surprised what you're capable of achieving with a little HELP from your FRIENDS.....  Focus on the POSITIVES and you WILL SUCCEED......  

    Your FAMILY, FRIENDS and ANIMALS will LOVE you for being a QUITTER!

    Be sure to visit our website as often as needed to become and stay SMOKEFREE!!

We change our theme often so please come back again...

Have a GREAT SMOKE FREE new year..

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    PLEASE add to your LINKS pages to help make a HOUSEHOLD NAME!! Also, please let people know about in your e-mails IF you think your friends or associates could use help to STOP smoking!! The more PEOPLE we can reach the more HELP we can offer them to become and stay SMOKE FREE!!

Thanks again,


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